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AmazeGesta - developed by Golden Sparrow Technologies .Pvt .Ltd . We understand that our Client's Success stories are our Success Stories and thus we partner with them right from brainstorming to ideation to execution and delivery. We have covered extra miles for our clients because we are responsible of what we do.

AmazeGesta will be with mother and help her and the doctor during pre and post pragnency .It consists 24/7 Realtime Health Monitoring System which will keep you updated with your doctor . It also helps in maintaining your diet and your babies growth rate each and every week as per the WHO Medical Research so that you can relate them with the actual reports . We will record your health parameters so less worries and at the end Happy Parenting .

AmazeGesta : Behind the scenes

Most maternal deaths are preventable, as the health-care solutions to prevent or manage complications are well known. All women need access to antenatal care in pregnancy, skilled care during childbirth, and care and support in the weeks after childbirth. Maternal health and newborn health are closely linked. It was estimated that approximately 2.7 million newborn babies died in 2015, and an additional 2.6 million are stillborn. It is particularly important that all births are attended by skilled health professionals, as timely management and treatment can make the difference between life and death for both the mother and the baby.

Severe bleeding after birth can kill a healthy woman within hours if she is unattended. Injecting oxytocin immediately after childbirth effectively reduces the risk of bleeding. Infection after childbirth can be eliminated if good hygiene is practiced and if early signs of infection are recognized and treated in a timely manner. Pre-eclampsia should be detected and appropriately managed before the onset of convulsions (eclampsia) and other life-threatening complications. Administering drugs such as magnesium sulfate for pre-eclampsia can lower a woman’s risk of developing eclampsia. To avoid maternal deaths, it is also vital to prevent unwanted and too-early pregnancies. All women, including adolescents, need access to contraception, safe abortion services to the full extent of the law, and quality post-abortion care.

"Inspired by this We have brought an IoT Based Solution. AmazeGesta "

How AmazeGesta will help you ?

Dear Mom , Relax and be a part of lovely parenting

24/7 Real time tracking , Medical Indications , Assesments , Appointments , Reviews and incidents

Diet Charts by doctor , Health tips , YourChart[YCD] for diet , Care and Awareness and Fear Redemption

Intelligent SOS System , Protection and Suggestions , Family Members incorporation and reporting